Who We Are…


The 21st century is all about automation and mechanized processes as mankind jumps ahead by leaps and bounds. Have you ever considered such a control at your home? A completely automated home with custom lighting and ambience that you may control from anywhere in the world with a smart device and Wi-fi? We know you have, and consequently, we have created a product which would perfectly suit your needs.


The ZioT Home Automation Starter Kit comes with a dimmable LED bulb for those romantic dinners; a colored LED bulb for you to choose among 16 million colors for the parties; one smart plug to plug in your home appliances and control them from anywhere; a smart keypad to control everything even without a smart device and a ZioT hub for your convenience.

If you haven’t noticed already, let us tell you that LED lights are highly efficient when compared to yellow lights, and these will not only lower those energy bills, but are designed to last for around 23 years. Obviously then, ZioT provides you with automation AND savings.


We are a one-stop solution for your home’s automation, so you don’t need to buy a different hub and accessories from a different manufacturer or worry about the compatibility between them. And you don’t need to be a technical person, what you need to do is simply plug & play, simply power on to add and connect automatically; it is set up in minutes. You can even build your home automation system with your specific needs and experience the similar lifestyle of the systems that would typically cost thousands of dollars for a fraction of the price.


We will have many great new add-ons which will be released shortly, including wall switches, LED outlet strips, door openers, a motorized wind blind controller, thermostat control and even smoke, leak and motion sensors. It’s a whole new world inside your home!


Now you can begin to imagine a home that’s remotely controllable as if with a life of its own, and you can imagine ZioT. We say this with no pretensions as ZioT is all about control. Control of your home and of your convenience. Contact ZioT immediately and have the equipment delivered to your home. Make sure you have a Wi-fi at home and a Wi-fi from where you intend to control and you are set. Control every component of your starter kit and appliances with our iHOME KITS app which is designed keeping your comfort in mind. The smart keypad is for those moments when you don’t want a phone to disturb the atmosphere. Enjoy complete control of how your home should be illuminated and set the mood for all.


A smart keypad for quick access to control everything even without a smart device and a ZioT hub for your convenience. The ZioT home automation system provides a wireless hub which can connect to your home wi-fi router without any hassle of cables! The system is controllable through both the Internet and Ethernet. By using our own software platform will ensure that you have complete control of all your devices and scenes. Our dedicated cloud server allows you complete access of your home appliances from anywhere, be it the office, the airport or wherever you have your smart device. The password to your system is changeable only when it is connected to your wi-fi router, so nobody can do that, if in case you lose your phone. You can change it from your home and everyone or anyone with access to your phone will be locked out.


The other significant benefit of using the ZioT Home Automation System is that it’s easily accessible by any member of your family, young or old. There are those of us, particularly the old or the very young, who prefer a remote control over a smartphone app. As a result, your kids and your parents alike will have no problem controlling the scenes in your home with the remote control. It’s as simple as using a TV remote to change channels and obviously, suitable for everyone! Our system is much more affordable and economical than our competitors, and it can easily be integrated to newer or older houses, as everything is simply plug and play. Our customer representatives are always on standby to help you in your experience with ZioT.


Contact us today to buy ZioT Home Automation Starter Kit and you won’t be disappointed.