How we are different?

What you get with one purchase

Wi-Fi Enabled

A wireless connection to your home wifi router means no extra cables.

Smartphone App

Our custom app provides for a seamless experience when setting up your home environment.

Easy Setup

No confusing settings to remember. Your new devices automatically get added to the room and group.

Access Anywhere

Connect to your home devices from anywhere in the world using our very own cloud service.

Physical Remote

Our physical remote control offers additional flexibility, allowing you to control your devices even when your phone is not with you.

Plug & Play

Our unique plug & play system will work in any house – old or new.

What can ZioT do?

You can preset up to 9 favorite scenes and simply select a pre-programmed button on the iHome Kits app to set the appropriate mood for parties, watching movies, eating, reading or spending a romantic evening at home in an instant from your smartphone or tablet or the ZioT keypad.


Home would be more secure and more tech savvy

Monitor activity at home while away

Cut costs and lower energy bills

Home would be more convenient

Better protection from fire, floods, etc

What people are saying…

ZioT Home Automation Starter Kit includes 

  • One Dimmable LED Bulb

  • One Colored LED Bulb

  • One Smart Plug

  • One Smart Keypad

  • One ZioT Hub

ZioT Starter Kit will make your home

smart and full of fun.

ZioT Home Automation Starter Kit includes one hub, one smart dimmable LED light bulb, one smart color changing LED bulb, one smart plug and one 21-button keypad remote control. It allows you to control your light & small appliance from your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world using the “iHome Kits” app (IOS and Android) or quickly from the keypad when you are at home, for unlimited users, Plug and Play with no additional labor cost or monthly fee.

With the iHome Kits app, you can control & monitor your home from your smartphone anywhere in the world.

Bright, warm light similar to a 60W incandescent bulb with a 23 year life expectancy.

Works with Smartphones & Tablets such as IOS (8.1 or later), Android (4.0 or later).

Energy saving and environmentally safe design.

Using the keypad remote, you can simply select the pre-programmed scenes on the iHome Kits app, and control the light bulb & smart plugs individually.

Easily add unlimited ZioT smart light bulbs or smart plugs and other devices (coming soon).

Widely used for home applications, hotel rooms, apartments, businesses and retail stores.

Connecting ZioT to Your Home


Connect the included power supply to the ZioT hub.

(Note: The green LED light will begin flashing. If it does not, press & hold the SL button until you see the green LED light flashing.)

Connect your Smartphone to your home’s wifi network


On your smartphone, open the ‘iHome Kits’ app and press the ‘SmartLink’ button

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